Shovel Knight + Destiny Beta + Mario Kart 8

Dragon Age Asunder + The Witcher The Last Wish + Metro 2033
Glorified booth babe, awkward romantic, fashion enthusiast: 70% of my body is composed of video games
Give me 60fps or give me death

A Guardian came here ... But he just disappeared.

Destiny - The Arrival

Buying all these games on Steam but not being able to play them till I build my PC this September. I really want to play Divinity: Original Sin.

As much as you like to think Uncharted 4 is going to look anything close to its reveal trailer, you are crazy. They had enough trouble getting TLoU Remastered running at 60fps.

Destiny’s Races

Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Trailer [x]


Destiny - achievements/trophies

assassin’s creed unity on youtube.
inspiration [x]


Destiny: Legendary Class Items

The Titan’s Mark

Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I am going to make you do?